Figure / Fabric

A tower in the park



Working in pairs, the project scope was to design a multi-unit residential building in an urban context of Old Ottawa East. After a 2-week site and neighbourhood analysis, an overall site strategy was developed accommodating the diverse range of typologies, lifestyles, and income found in the area. Both mixed-use dwellings targeting families and a high-rise condo targeting young professionals were developed. Our focus quickly became the revival of existing green spaces into socially active spaces. A master plan that transitions from fabric to figure as you enter the site allows for the integration of the buildings into the existing urban form. 











  1. senior apartments
  2. grocery + retail
  3. townhouses
  4. midrise apartments
  5. public space
  6. high-rise condo
  7. public plaza
  8. athletic complex

This project, designed individually after the completion of the master plan, focuses on the high-rise condo and concept of integration between the built form and the site. The project explores the idea of bringing green space to residential areas by incorporating green terraces in the high-rise condo. The organic terraces create a seamless transition from built form to nature. The form, reflecting the concept of the site, begins with orthogonal lines and transitions from figure to fabric integrating the natural form into the building



The multipurpose courtyard transitions throughout the year based on season. During the winter months it is utilized as a public skating rink and in the warmer months it is used for a variety of outdoor activities from a farmers market, to a platform for public forms. Built in benches allow for seating, providing an ideal lunch spot. These benches transition into stalls that are used for the farmers market

To encourage use of the green spaces provided, pedestrian pathways are introduced. These pathways allow for access through the site from both the x and y-axis. A large social platform is introduced at the base of the condo in the form of a public plaza. The project emphasizes the integration of nature and residential living while encouraging social activity amongst green areas.  




2013 Studio
Carleton University

In collaboration with Darby Ace